Key Project:

Wolfspeed Mohawk Valley FAB Formerly Known as Cree Nano Center

Marcy, NY

The project was a $1.2 billion, 200 mm silicon-carbide wafer fabrication facility in Marcy, NY. Construction for the project began in 2019, with the project completed at the end of 2022.  The project goal is to meet the increasing demand for groundbreaking technology that supports the growing electric vehicle (EV), 4G/5G mobile, and industrial markets. This project is the world’s first, largest, and only 200mm Silicon Carbide fabrication facility.

ESD’s role in this project was to administer $500 million in State funds that were appropriated for the project and made available as a grant to Cree to reimburse construction and fit-out costs incurred in the construction of the facility. Aubertine and Currier’s role as Owner’s Representative was the supervision and monitoring of construction subcontracting, construction activities, construction progress, and the use of ESD grant funds.

The project consisted of the construction of a) three level, 200 mm SiC cleanroom with approximately 100,000 to 135,000 SF of cleanroom space; b) a three-story general administrative building containing approximately 75,000 SF of administrative office space; c) a central utility building with approximately 70,000 SF of space; d) a bulk gas yard consisting of approximately 30,000 SF and an electrical service yard consisting of approximately 60,000 SF; and e) all associated site utilities and related improvements including but not limited to driveways, interior access roads, sidewalks, parking lots, landscaping and signage.

The Professional Services provided to ESD included assisting with the following tasks:

In addition, A&C inspected the project site, monitored the progress of the project, attended project-related meetings, and/or performed other ad-hoc services relating to the construction project as directed by ESD.

Services provided:

Civil Engineering

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